A Sustainable Future

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The construction industry in the last few decades has benefited from advanced technology when it comes to eco friendly materials and systems, with good cause. Carbon footprint reduction is high on the agenda the world over, and governments have committed to certain environmental targets. Legislation is firmly in place which will only allow a new build to be undertaken if it incorporates the required amount of green energy solutions.

Homes, offices and other buildings must make a positive contribution to aspects like the economy, environment and quality of life. There is now an added responsibility to be energy efficient, and sustainable, which architects, designers and builders are obliged to abide by. New homes feature additions such as air source heat pumps, which use the air outdoors to produce heating and hot water. Solar panels seize the power of the sun to provide energy, and water saving technology is installed in kitchens and bathrooms. LED lighting has made an incredible mark on the lighting industry, and many councils nationally and internationally have replaced traditional lights in streets, airports, shopping centres and council buildings etc with this sustainable option.

It’s not only the buildings and structures which are displaying innovative technology to save energy, the actual plant machinery itself now demonstrates state of the art systems. This includes modern diggers, dumpers, rollers, telehandlers and bowsers from reputable manufacturers. Take the Bobcat range of skid steer loaders and you have a perfect example of versatility, reliability and ground breaking features.

Bobcat invented the first skid steer, and over the years they have been developed to the highest standards. Their design is unique due to great attention to detail, and they offer advantages not seen from other manufacturers. It seems they have thought of everything such as keyless password protected starters, and automatic shut down if tampered with. Advanced and unbeatable emissions control can also be found in this compact, highly functioning, range of deluxe vehicles.

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