Benefits of Offsite Manufacture

Rigid Polystyrene Foam Heat Insulation Boards & Corner Blocks, Eco Building Component

The advantages of offsite manufacturing are many including providing an eco friendly solution to installation of air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems. With modular construction carried out in purpose built facilities by specialists, time is cut to a minimum, meaning a quick and efficient outcome. The build time is further decreased as the installation team work in a controlled environment, and are able to move around freely. Weather, which is always a bugbear, is not a factor with this method, and there is also no chance of a worker getting up to the top of a building only to find he left his screwdriver down below!

Traditionally, large HVAC system installations can be quite a worry for all concerned, with uncertainty about accomplishing deadlines, budgets and required standards of quality. But when factory built, adherence to all of these aspects are more or less guaranteed. The plug n play option allows fast assembly and can be carried out extremely discreetly, as with one project we heard about. The hotel HVAC installation was achieved quietly first thing in the morning before any of the guests had even risen for breakfast, much to their surprise.

With offsite manufacture, clients have a clear picture of overall expense, with precisely calculated labour/material and overhead costs. Reputable HVAC companies like Turn Key Air Conditioning, monitor all processes and procedures to ensure the highest level of performance for each project. Any potential problems is easily picked up on by designers and engineers before the product gets anywhere near it’s final application.

The modular plug n play method is also the safest option, as installers are working at height only for a very short time. This has already significantly lowered the percentage of accidents arising during installation.

Clients benefit from receiving a versatile, and flexible result, which can be tailored to meet their needs, and added to when required.

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