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Benefits of Offsite Manufacture

Rigid Polystyrene Foam Heat Insulation Boards & Corner Blocks, Eco Building Component

The advantages of offsite manufacturing are many including providing an eco friendly solution to installation of air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems. With modular construction carried out in purpose built facilities by specialists, time is cut to a minimum, meaning a quick and efficient outcome. The build time is further decreased as the installation team work in a controlled environment, and are able to move around freely. Weather, which is always a bugbear, is not a factor with this method, and there is also no chance of a worker getting up to the top of a building only to find he left his screwdriver down below!

Traditionally, large HVAC system installations can be quite a worry for all concerned, with uncertainty about accomplishing deadlines, budgets and required standards of quality. But when factory built, adherence to all of these aspects are more or less guaranteed. The plug n play option allows fast assembly and can be carried out extremely discreetly, as with one project we heard about. The hotel HVAC installation was achieved quietly first thing in the morning before any of the guests had even risen for breakfast, much to their surprise.

With offsite manufacture, clients have a clear picture of overall expense, with precisely calculated labour/material and overhead costs. Reputable HVAC companies like Turn Key Air Conditioning, monitor all processes and procedures to ensure the highest level of performance for each project. Any potential problems is easily picked up on by designers and engineers before the product gets anywhere near it’s final application.

The modular plug n play method is also the safest option, as installers are working at height only for a very short time. This has already significantly lowered the percentage of accidents arising during installation.

Clients benefit from receiving a versatile, and flexible result, which can be tailored to meet their needs, and added to when required.

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Stay Warm in Cold Weather

Sustainable Home Building, Expanded Polystyrene Foam Panels Polystyrene Foam Building Wall

High quality double glazed windows are generally accepted as the product of choice for your home, keeping it warm, dry and efficient. While this is true, it isn’t possible for every home to benefit from double glazing. If you live in a historic home or one sited in a conservation area, you may be unable to replace the windows. There are however, ways to boost the insulation properties of your windows and doors, usually without spending a lot of money.

Energy efficiency is a priority for most of us if we want to save money on bills and be kinder to the planet, and there are a number of ways to achieve this with your existing windows for immediate results. These tips will help keep your home warm even in extremely cold weather.

  • Clear, heavy duty plastic sheeting or film can be taped to the inside of your window frames in order to block drafts. Affordable kits are available online too.
  • Self stick weather seal strips can be fitted to window or door frames also to seal any gaps.
  • Snug fitting window blinds made from insulating fabric will keep out cold air when closed, and are even more effective when used in conjunction with thick, thermally lined curtains.
  • Remember, keeping curtains closed at night and open in the daytime to allow any sunshine in is important.
  • Draft excluder’s can be placed on the floor at the bottom of doors, or on window sills. These are cheap to buy or can be made by sewing a long piece of material along the side to form a tube, filling it with dried rice and sewing the ends.

Sometimes this type of older property in places like Billericay, Essex, can be fitted with aluminium secondary double glazing, which presents a kinder option, and preserves the look and character of the original windows. Essex Trade Windows Ltd offer some of the highest quality double glazing products around, and are renowned for their friendly customer service. Give them a call on 01268 726262.

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The Wonders of EPS

Expanded Polystyrene Foam Panels Polystyrene Foam Building Wall Heat Insulation Block

Insulation is an important aspect of any building, especially in our climate where fuel bills can sky rocket as we try to stay warm and comfortable. High on everybody’s agenda also these days is sustainability, especially within the construction industry, and developments and research are ongoing into the best way to deliver this. Expanded Polystyrene [EPS] ticks many of the boxes here, providing an uncompromising insulation outcome. It is used widely within food packaging, and has a variety of applications within the building arena and lots of other areas both in the UK and internationally.

The versatility of this material is impressive, it is used extensively in packaging due to the fact that any product of any size may be perfectly packaged in expanded polystyrene. It acts as an ideal shock absorber, and parts of the industrial sector have been significantly transformed by this product, as any large and valuable item is totally protected from damage during transportation or handling.

The list of product types to benefit from being packaged in this innovative material include electrical goods and components, pharmaceutical products, toys, household and garden items etc along with a vast amount of other items. The mould-able nature of the material means no staples or sharp edges, an advantage for those working within EPS production systems. It also represents one of the most viable options when it comes to efficiency, versatility and cost.

EPS is also extensively used throughout the building industry including structures like roads, bridges, railway lines, public buildings and homes. The home of course needs to be protected from extremes of weather, prompting the application of EPS, some people have even used EPS to insulate their sheds and garages. Although the better the design and specification of your shed, the less likely that stored belongings will deteriorate or become rusty or mouldy, so additional insulation is not normally required.

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A Sustainable Future

Eco Building Components, ESP Plain Heating Insulation Board, ESP Corner Block, Dovetail Groove and Tongue & Groove Design.

The construction industry in the last few decades has benefited from advanced technology when it comes to eco friendly materials and systems, with good cause. Carbon footprint reduction is high on the agenda the world over, and governments have committed to certain environmental targets. Legislation is firmly in place which will only allow a new build to be undertaken if it incorporates the required amount of green energy solutions.

Homes, offices and other buildings must make a positive contribution to aspects like the economy, environment and quality of life. There is now an added responsibility to be energy efficient, and sustainable, which architects, designers and builders are obliged to abide by. New homes feature additions such as air source heat pumps, which use the air outdoors to produce heating and hot water. Solar panels seize the power of the sun to provide energy, and water saving technology is installed in kitchens and bathrooms. LED lighting has made an incredible mark on the lighting industry, and many councils nationally and internationally have replaced traditional lights in streets, airports, shopping centres and council buildings etc with this sustainable option.

It’s not only the buildings and structures which are displaying innovative technology to save energy, the actual plant machinery itself now demonstrates state of the art systems. This includes modern diggers, dumpers, rollers, telehandlers and bowsers from reputable manufacturers. Take the Bobcat range of skid steer loaders and you have a perfect example of versatility, reliability and ground breaking features.

Bobcat invented the first skid steer, and over the years they have been developed to the highest standards. Their design is unique due to great attention to detail, and they offer advantages not seen from other manufacturers. It seems they have thought of everything such as keyless password protected starters, and automatic shut down if tampered with. Advanced and unbeatable emissions control can also be found in this compact, highly functioning, range of deluxe vehicles.

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Building Specs Post Grenfell

Building Specs Under Review


Specifications in the construction industry are under constant scrutiny.

This is particularly so following the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

We will soon be publishing an update on the Grenfell situation.

Lotus Light Clad Metal Garden Sheds

Light Clad Metal Garden Sheds

SM garden sheds have long been a major player in the research and development of light clad metal sheds. The development of such products has hit demand for traditional wooden sheds as these far stronger and more durable light clad metal sheds still fulfil the same purpose of a wooden shed yet are far more durable and secure, not to mention easier to assemble.

For those that think of a shed as a part of garden furniture, these new clad metal designs are available in the traditional colour combination of green mist and smooth cream and have a sleek Un intrusive look.

Outdoor Storage Units

It is well known that the garden building and outdoor storage unit marketplace is a competitive one. However SM Garden Sheds have combated this by producing revolutionary developmentÔÇÖs in the category.

SM Garden Sheds has a large range of light clad metal sheds, built to the highest specifications yet easier to assemble as there are fewer parts.

Lotus Clad Metal Garden Sheds

SM Garden Sheds have recently launched the new Lotus range of light clad metal sheds that excel by combining the best in existing metal shed manufacturing with innovations in materials, new production techniques and not to mention an outstanding new design.

There are a number of things that set the Lotus light clad shed apart from other metal sheds or outdoor storage units including large opening doors and ventilated gables which make this item a sound purchase for all garden storage needs.

Secure Outdoor Storage

The sturdiness, quality and security of these clad sheds are apparent but some factors in the manufacturing go unseen, for instance the roof and wall panels are manufactured from .33mm hot ÔÇô dipped galvanised steel ensuring the strength and durability of the whole unit. Even the door glide and tracker have been designed for strength and stability while still making sure the whole unit itself is the easiest of tasks to assemble.

The Lotus light clad metal shed is available in three popular and practical sizes, 6×5, 8×6 and 10×8 and every single Lotus clad metal shed comes with a 10 year warranty and is delivered free of charge.

High Quality Lotus Light clad Metal Gardens Sheds and Outdoor Storage Units

Garden Sheds that are Robust, Strong, Durable, Low Maintenance & Condensation Free

Plastic & Metal Sheds, Garages, Workshops & Outdoor Storage Buildings, Low Maintenance Garden Sheds


When searching for things like sheds and garden storage buildings, many people are tempted by unbelievably low prices. They imagine that one shed is much the same as any other shed. Of course this is not the case!

Although many sheds may look alike, when it comes to quality and reliability they can be worlds apart. An inferior shed can suffer from issues such as corrosion, deterioration, water seepage, they are usually easily damaged, could have badly fitting or misaligned parts and just generally have compromised strength, durability and functionality. Review sites are full of people who regret going for the cheapest option, including comments like ‘next to useless’, ‘rain gets in everywhere’, ‘false economy unless you want them to only last a month’, ‘blew down during first strong wind’, ‘never again, suppose you get what you pay for’. If a company are happy to supply inferior quality goods, their service also often leaves something to be desired. You will see comments such as ‘ impossible to understand assembly instructions’, ‘cheap shed, extortionate delivery prices’, ‘delivery service awful’.

Shed and outdoor storage suppliers who are dedicated to high quality and excellent customer service include our web promotion partners SM Garden Sheds. They have a vast range of plastic and metal sheds, workshops and garages available from leading names like Lifetime, Duramax, Keter, Lotus, Canberra, Biohort, Emerald, Asgard and Easy Kit. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, SM Garden Sheds go to extreme lengths to source their products. Their team frequently travel to international destinations in order to assess the manufacturing process of new products, before offering them to their customers. This in depth investigation assures best practice and the high quality they demand.

The SM Garden Sheds website is chock full of detailed information and interesting articles about metal and plastic sheds along with other products they offer, so you are certain about what you wish to purchase. They are always happy to help, take a look at their impressive testimonials page. They also give their customers an attractive range of competitive prices and deliver FREE to most of mainland UK.

Give SM Garden Sheds a call for some expert advice about their range of sheds and outdoor storage buildings on 0845 601 6299.

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Renovations, Rebuilds, Refurbishments & Repairs in Essex

Premier Build Ltd have been building, extending and renovating homes in and around Essex for more than 30 years.

Premier Build Ltd offer complete building project consultancy┬áexpertise. Their experience allows them to oversee every step, from commissioning architectural drawings and gaining planning permission, to adding the last lick of paint. With all the building skills in-house – including plumbing and electrics – Premier Build do not need to rely on potentially expensive subcontractors.

Premier Build Ltd integrate energy-efficient technology throughout the home. They use the latest innovations in home insulation boards, cladding blocks and external wall insulation; thermally efficient window and door design; and install energy-saving air source heat pumps. Premier Build help home owners reduce their carbon footprint while making significant savings on energy bills.

Premier Build Ltd employ skilled craftsmen and tradesmen for every aspect of their work. Their plumbers, tilers and plasterers work with the best kitchen and bathroom designers in the UK to install stunning new kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms and shower rooms. Experienced groundsmen, bricklayers and roofers ensure all work is of the highest standard. Premier Build electricians are masters of wiring, rewiring and the installation of data networks, lighting, sound and security systems ,while their carpenters are artists and innovators, highly skilled, taking the utmost pride in their work.

Premier Build Ltd regularly undertake building insurance projects and work with all the major home insurance companies offering a fast and efficient service to home owners. From simple repairs – and the treatment of persistent and recurrent damp – to complete refurbishments, Premier Build Ltd rebuild homes following fire, flood, subsidence and accidental damage. As experts in building project management they keep homeowners and insurers fully briefed on all stages of repairs and renovations ensuring a swift resolution and satisfied customers.

Extensions and renovations inevitably cause upheaval but by working closely with their clients, Premier Build minimise disruptions while creating the perfect family home.

For more information – including examples of recent projects – visit

Renovations, Rebuilds, Refurbishments & Repairs in Essex

Fresh & Exciting Home Improvement & Building Concepts

Fully Rounded Service including Concept to Completion, Building Project management & Consultancy, Essex

prem 1

Anybody considering home improvements and particularly building work, but needing inspiration should try to visit the Grand Design Live exhibition held at the ExCeL in London this spring. The show, based on the Channel 4 TV series and running from 3rd-11 May 2014, promises to be bigger and more exciting than ever before. Design guru Kevin McCloud will host the event which sees spectacular new ideas and home focused technology from over 500 exhibitors. There will be seven different sections offering sensational innovations covering themes such as self build, interiors, kitchens, bathrooms, technology, gardens and sustainability.

Among the tremendously informative activities in the Build section, visitors are invited to ‘Ask an Expert’, about plans they may be considering for their own home improvement projects. Whether its renovation, refurbishment, extension, conversion, new or self-build construction, there is a mind boggling array of building related material, advice, suggestions, instructions, financial guidance and suppliers all under one roof. Experts available include architects, project managers, surveyors, interior designers, builders and many more specialists giving free consultations.

You will be surprised and delighted by the amount of motivational concepts, in areas such as sustainability, and eco-friendly technology. People attending will gain knowledge about the very latest ways to maximise the comfort and space in their home, and make the most of design, storage and light.

Figures show that approximately six million people in the UK are currently planning or looking into the feasibility of building their own home. With this in mind, Grand Designs is also incorporating National Custom and Self Build Week, where top celebrity experts and politicians will be giving relevant advice and announcing recent developments.

Prem BFor a comprehensive building service, our web promotion partners, Premier Build Ltd, Nr Epping, Essex, are the experts with over 30 years in the industry. They offer a superb quality service whatever size of job, whether its building from scratch, self-builds, renovations or extensions, they can even project manage your complete build. Some of the superior work carried out by Premier Build Ltd has to be seen to be believed, displaying incredibly high standards of excellence. A particular niche in the Premier Build Ltd expertise is within the area of house extensions, refurbishment and re-design. Their building consultancy service draws on a vast amount of experience from skilled, professional builders and tradesmen, ensuring that you don’t put a foot wrong.

Call Premier Build Ltd to find out more on 01277 280 497

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Multi Building Services – Extensions in Chelmsford & Essex

In the latest article on the H&S Materials website, Chelmsford Builders, Multi Building Services Ltd draw our attention to the home improvements we could make in our own backyard.

Many people dream of living in a bigger house. A house with a larger kitchen, a second bathroom, an extra bedroom. A house with a bit more elbow room where we don’t feel so hemmed in. And yet the cost of moving house is often prohibitive. Besides, even if we could afford it we might not want to leave our friends and neighbours, or an area we have come to love.

Multi Building Services are the experts at turning a house into a home. With years of experience behind them and skilled tradesmen and craftsmen at their disposal, Multi Building Services of Chelmsford, Essex, transform existing spaces and create space where it didn’t exist.

Without the right expertise a house extension could be a daunting prospect. Imagine a simple two storey extension, creating a larger kitchen/dining room downstairs, and an extra bedroom with en-suite bathroom upstairs. For a start there is the foundations to consider. An extension needs to be built on solid foundations and don’t forget the roof on top. Multi Building Services are expert groundsmen and roofers. MBS bricklayers build the walls, and MBS plasterers give it the perfect finish. Qualified electricians rewire the kitchen and add new lighting and power circuits throughout. Experienced plumbers will lay the pipes for sinks, basins, showers and baths while dedicated tilers and decorators make the bathroom beautiful and the new┬ákitchen a chef’s delight.

Multi Building Services plan all work in advance and coordinate every stage to minimise disruption. Without the need to subcontract Multi Building Services get the job done.

For all repairs, renovations and refurbishments in Essex contact Multi Building Services Ltd.

Multi Building Services are proud to say that most new business comes through recommendations and referrals. For more information check out the website at or give them a call on 01245 464 573.

Multi Building Services – Extensions in Chelmsford & Essex