Lotus Light Clad Metal Garden Sheds

Light Clad Metal Garden Sheds

SM garden sheds have long been a major player in the research and development of light clad metal sheds. The development of such products has hit demand for traditional wooden sheds as these far stronger and more durable light clad metal sheds still fulfil the same purpose of a wooden shed yet are far more durable and secure, not to mention easier to assemble.

For those that think of a shed as a part of garden furniture, these new clad metal designs are available in the traditional colour combination of green mist and smooth cream and have a sleek Un intrusive look.

Outdoor Storage Units

It is well known that the garden building and outdoor storage unit marketplace is a competitive one. However SM Garden Sheds have combated this by producing revolutionary developmentÔÇÖs in the category.

SM Garden Sheds has a large range of light clad metal sheds, built to the highest specifications yet easier to assemble as there are fewer parts.

Lotus Clad Metal Garden Sheds

SM Garden Sheds have recently launched the new Lotus range of light clad metal sheds that excel by combining the best in existing metal shed manufacturing with innovations in materials, new production techniques and not to mention an outstanding new design.

There are a number of things that set the Lotus light clad shed apart from other metal sheds or outdoor storage units including large opening doors and ventilated gables which make this item a sound purchase for all garden storage needs.

Secure Outdoor Storage

The sturdiness, quality and security of these clad sheds are apparent but some factors in the manufacturing go unseen, for instance the roof and wall panels are manufactured from .33mm hot ÔÇô dipped galvanised steel ensuring the strength and durability of the whole unit. Even the door glide and tracker have been designed for strength and stability while still making sure the whole unit itself is the easiest of tasks to assemble.

The Lotus light clad metal shed is available in three popular and practical sizes, 6×5, 8×6 and 10×8 and every single Lotus clad metal shed comes with a 10 year warranty and is delivered free of charge.

High Quality Lotus Light clad Metal Gardens Sheds and Outdoor Storage Units