Multi Building Services – Extensions in Chelmsford & Essex

In the latest article on the H&S Materials website, Chelmsford Builders, Multi Building Services Ltd draw our attention to the home improvements we could make in our own backyard.

Many people dream of living in a bigger house. A house with a larger kitchen, a second bathroom, an extra bedroom. A house with a bit more elbow room where we don’t feel so hemmed in. And yet the cost of moving house is often prohibitive. Besides, even if we could afford it we might not want to leave our friends and neighbours, or an area we have come to love.

Multi Building Services are the experts at turning a house into a home. With years of experience behind them and skilled tradesmen and craftsmen at their disposal, Multi Building Services of Chelmsford, Essex, transform existing spaces and create space where it didn’t exist.

Without the right expertise a house extension could be a daunting prospect. Imagine a simple two storey extension, creating a larger kitchen/dining room downstairs, and an extra bedroom with en-suite bathroom upstairs. For a start there is the foundations to consider. An extension needs to be built on solid foundations and don’t forget the roof on top. Multi Building Services are expert groundsmen and roofers. MBS bricklayers build the walls, and MBS plasterers give it the perfect finish. Qualified electricians rewire the kitchen and add new lighting and power circuits throughout. Experienced plumbers will lay the pipes for sinks, basins, showers and baths while dedicated tilers and decorators make the bathroom beautiful and the new┬ákitchen a chef’s delight.

Multi Building Services plan all work in advance and coordinate every stage to minimise disruption. Without the need to subcontract Multi Building Services get the job done.

For all repairs, renovations and refurbishments in Essex contact Multi Building Services Ltd.

Multi Building Services are proud to say that most new business comes through recommendations and referrals. For more information check out the website at or give them a call on 01245 464 573.

Multi Building Services – Extensions in Chelmsford & Essex